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There are three main reasons people request a hearing test.  They know they have a problem, they think they might have a problem or someone else thinks they have a problem.  Whatever the case, it is always a good idea to have your hearing tested.   Not only does it give your hearing healthcare provider a starting base line but if you have a hearing loss it is best to treat it now rather than later.   

Untreated hearing loss has many serious consequences.   Untreated hearing loss has now been linked to isolation, depression, falling, stress, fatigue and cognitive decline.  They have also found in autopsies that people with untreated hearing loss have more brain atrophy than those with normal hearing or have treated their hearing loss. 

Treating hearing loss early results in a more productive life, better relationships, higher salaries, and more enjoyment out of life.  

They are not your grandmother’s hearing aids. 

Today’s hearing aids are miniature computers that communicate wirelessly with each other making millions of calculations per second to automatically change to the environment that you are in.  They enhance speech, suppress background noise, and have built in therapy for tinnitus (ringing in the ears). They are virtually invisible and can be connected to your phone and TV.   

Who should I See?

There are many choices today.  With the influx of the baby boomers many businesses want to tap into the market.  Retail stores, pharmacies and even insurance companies are looking to get into the market with their own private technology.  There are the traditional franchise chains as well as Independent Hearing Healthcare professionals in private practice.  

Healthcare Provider VS Chain Stores and Private Labels

There are major differences between choosing an independent private practice, retail store, franchise, pharmacy or and insurance company.  You want your hearing health care provider to take the time needed to fully test you.  You also want to have all of your questions answered.  Finally, you should be giving the opportunity to test drive the hearing device that is recommended for you to experience how it works in your own environments.

Advantages of going to an independent hearing care professional

Larger selection of Name Brands
Privately owned / lower overhead
Transparency of products
Totally independent and not controlled by themanufacturer
In most cases you will be seen by the owner and not a commissioned sales person
Can be serviced by any company that sells your brand should you relocate

Disadvantages of going to a private label, franchise, retail store

Limited product choice
Owned or controlled by the manufacturer
No transparency (Don’t know what brand you are buying)
Can’t easily compare product features and price
Most are commissioned sales people
Proprietary software can only be serviced where you purchased them

Why Choose S.E. Wisconsin Hearing Center 

We are a truly independent hearing healthcare professional. As an independent business owner, you the patient are my concern. When you come to S. E. Wisconsin Hearing Center you will be fit with the best hearing aid for your hearing needs and not a hearing aid brand that the manufacturer has limited me to. We carry every major brand including: Oticon, Siemens, Starkey, Phonak, Unitron, ReSound, Widex and Sonic. We only fit our patients with state of the art digital technology. We always do a comprehensive hearing test of pure tones, bone conduction and speech.  

Things to consider if you think you have hearing loss